NAATI Certified Translator

As a NAATI certified translator, Jemma Ives is authorised to translate official documents for immigration, transfer/validation of qualifications, and many other purposes. All NAATI certified translations will be signed, dated and stamped with an official NAATI stamp. Documents will be sent to you by email, in digital form, and a hard copy can also be posted on request. Our prices are very competitive. The process will normally take 2-3 days, but just let us know if you need it sooner and we'll do our best!

Translation Services

JI Translation provides written translation services in a range of areas, including literary translation, tourism, international development, health, business and mining.

Perhaps you are looking for work and would like to maximise your chances of getting a job by having your CV translated AND tailored to suit the Australian employment context? Or maybe you are applying for university in Australia, and need to have an academic paper translated to support your application? Are you creating a video which will need subtitles in English?

Whatever you needs are, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and to request a quote.

Interpreting Services

Interpreting differs from translation, in that it deals with the spoken word. Normally, it occurs face-to-face, although telephone interpreting or video link interpreting are also possible. Whatever the mode, we can provide professional interpreting services to ensure that your communication is as smooth as possible.  Perhaps you have business partners from Latin America or Spain visiting Australia? Or Spanish-speaking clients who you are having difficulty communicating with? Perhaps you are organising a conference or meeting with Spanish-speakers?

For health, legal or business contexts, let JI Translation assist you.